Frequently Asked Questions

Your site is awesome! How do I get on here?

First of all, thank you. We like it. It's not perfect, but we call it home for now.

While all of our workshops at We Make Movies are free to attend, getting a profile page on this web site is now only open to Members or Regulars from our Patreon campaign. Full Members or Regulars can apply for a page whenever they like and their application will be approved as soon as we see it come in. If you'd like to become a Member or a Regular, visit our Patreon page and sign up there.

I keep getting an out of memory message as I try to upload photos. What can I do?

We know there are parts of the site that say images that are 2MBs and smaller can be uploaded, but our experience has been that that safe file size is closer to 1MB. If you can shrink your image to under 1MB before uploading you should be fine. If you still have issues, try shrinking the image so that the longest side is no more than 1500 pixels wide. If you don't Photoshop or another image manipulation app, has a very cheap app that works on most computers or devices. Try that!

I can't upload videos to my profile! What the eff?

Unfortunately we cannot take your actual video file, but if you upload your videos either public or unlisted to Youtube or Vimeo, once the video is uploaded and processed, you can just take that direct link to the video, enter it into the form asking you what videos you'd like to add to your profile and they should appear for people to peruse immediately. As always, contact us at and we'll try to address your issue as quickly as possible.

I still need help and none of these questions are helping. Can I contact somebody to speak with?

Well, unfortunately we're mostly a volunteer organization, so there's nobody waiting near a phone to answer your questions. You may however, email us at or reach out to us via facebook or twitter and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. And thanks for your patience in the meantime!